In Answer to the Frequent Question, “Why a vegetarian restaurant?”

“”We would all be glad to eat more vegetables and less beef, birds and fish if vegetarian meals were sumptuous, seductive, artful, et cetera.  And if vegetarian chefs understood that cooking vegetables requires at least as much artistry as roasting a chicken.  Then there would be less need for factory farming, growth hormones, and all the other desperate measures that agribusiness uses to boost the production of animal flesh and lower its price…There are, after all, splendid vegetarian cuisines in Japan and China, and several in India alone.  Why can’t we do as well?”  – Jeffrey Steingarten in It Must’ve Been Something I Ate


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If I tried to tell you how I feel about food, I'd never be able to explain it in a concise and original way. So let me just tell you this: I love to cook and I love to eat. I make good food, and I want you to try it. View all posts by veggiegoodness

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